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Student Activities

After having started in the laboratory of their choice, MCB students are part of both, the departmental Ph.D. program of their research supervisor and the MCB program. Students will also become part of the large “IGEP” family at Virginia Tech. IGEPs are Virginia Tech’s interdisciplinary graduate programs, and students and faculty in these programs regularly come together to learn about each other’s research and just have fun.

As members of the MCB program, students:

  • participate in monthly, informal lunches with faculty members or external guests that cover a range of topics related to career development.
  • present their data once a year in weekly summer meetings
  • organize and participate in a yearly retreat with oral and poster presentations, and decide on and invite an external speaker for the retreat
  • contribute to the program by organizing student activities, interacting with applicants, reviewing program travel award applications, and providing feedback on the program